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Branded Login Page

Team and enterprise customers can easily customize their login page. This article helps you get started.

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Since your login page is often the first thing users see, it makes sense to customize it according to your Brand Guidelines.

Frontify allows you to customize the login page of each domain.

Changing the appearance of your login form and its background is pretty straightforward. You can set up your Branded Login Page in your account settings. You can find your Account Settings by clicking on your Avatar image in the screen's bottom-left corner.

Customize your Login Page Layout

You have two different settings you can tweak to make your login page very on-brand:

  • Labels & Copy

  • Layout and Style

Labels & Copy

Labels & copy enable you to customize the messages on your Frontify login page.

The login page comes with amusing welcome lines every time you open the page. You can modify this greeting message to have your personal greeting displayed to your users.

Along with it, you can also customize the SSO together with external login where you can change, for example, the headline. You can also change the field inside the buttons “Email” and “Password,” the error messages, and many more.

In the Helper section, you can modify the messages your users will get if, for example, they lose the password or require an access link. You can add and hyperlink a publicly accessible Guideline with the Disclaimer section. While in the last section, you can specify and add your Terms & Conditions before users create their user accounts. When users choose Single-sign-on (SSO) to log in to the platform for the first time, they do not get prompted to accept the Terms & Conditions because the Terms & Conditions are handled via the SSO identity provider.

Layout & Style

The Layout & Style section allows you to modify the position and style of the elements within your branded login page.

You can replace the logo and change its position on the page. You can also modify the background picture and the color.

We recommend the following minimum sizes for your assets:

  • Background image with at least 1600px in width;

  • Your logo with a size of at least 200px in width.

The layout section allows you to locate the login credentials tabs in different positions within the login page.

With the Display Options tab, you can decide whether to hide or show certain page elements, such as greeting text and background images, to make terms and conditions mandatory, etc.

You can pick your Font for the text displayed and also customize the External Login and SSO Button (dimensions, colors, and more).

Finally, you can also customize the notice and the error message.

Contact support or your dedicated customer success manager if you have any questions.

If, for some reason, you don't want to make the changes as an account owner yourself, you can temporarily upgrade the rights of a team member until the changes are done. This article shows you how to set an account owner.

In case you're looking for information regarding access requests, you can learn more about it in this article.

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