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Account Setup and Configuration
Account Setup and Configuration
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Customize not found / unauthorized error pagesPersonalize your 404 or 403 page errors with the Error Page Builder
Branded Login PageTeam and enterprise customers can easily customize their login page. This article helps you get started.
Domain PathCreate custom URLs path to redirect users to specific Frontify pages
Domain OverviewKeep an overview and manage all your domains in a single dashboard
Set up a Custom SubdomainUse your own subdomain for your Frontify Brand Portal
Customized Email Notification Templates (White Labeling)Set up a customized and on-brand email notification template based on your brand guidelines – for all your Frontify-related emails.
User Management OverviewThis article will provide you with all the information and links you need to keep oversight on your user management.
Change of the Account AdministratorIt's easy to set additional team members as account admins.
User Access ManagementThere are different ways of managing access and users with Frontify.
Request AccessAllow new users to request access directly on the login page. This is how you configure the request access.
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)Learn how to set up 2FA in your account to add another layer of protection.
ProvisioningMeet your company’s high security standards with the provisioning feature.
Public sharingLearn how to share your Brand Portal with stakeholders.
Multi-language featureFrontify Guidelines can be set up in multiple languages.
FaviconThis article will explain what a favicon is and how to set it up for your Frontify page
Terms & ConditionsThis article will show you how to include a terms and conditions notice to your Frontify platform