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Asset Chooser

What it does, and where it can be used

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The Asset Chooser functionality is a file browser within your Frontify environment. With it, you’re able to browse through and pick from assets that you’ve already added to your projects and libraries. 

The Asset Chooser UI

When opening the Asset Chooser from your Style Guide the main UI look is made up of the left side section to choose between the different Libraries, Guidelines or Project assets. And when moving to the main screen on the ‘All assets’ tab at the top we find the assets found in that library or section you have chosen. The 'Collections' tab will show the different collection files you might have in that precise library. 

The Asset chooser is also equipped with a very helpful search that works with the library, Style Guide or project you are searching in. 

You can make use of it in the following use cases:

  • Setting up Asset Relations

  • Adding assets to your Style Guides

Setting Up Asset Relations

The Asset Chooser can be used to set up asset relations in your Libraries Simply go to the backend of the respective library by entering the library from the project space. Then, go on and open the preferred assets. Now you’ll find an information icon in the power bar, on the left-hand side. Click on it, and switch to the ‘Relations’ tab.

Now, click on ‘Choose asset’ to open the Asset Browser. Once opened, you’ll find all the assets stored within your projects with the respective workflow status assigned. A preview helps you select the right image. You also have a multi-select possibility and a search bar.

Adding Assets to Your Style Guide

The Asset Chooser can be used further by adding to add images to your Style Guide. In particular, you can browse your projects and libraries when adding either an image, image grid or annotations smart block in your Style Guide.

Start by going into edit mode in your Style Guide and choosing for example the image block. 

You will have the option to Upload an image from your computer on the left hand box or choosing one from your existing files within Frontify on the right hand box. 

When clicking on the right box the Asset Chooser will then appear in a smaller window for you to choose from the different libraries, guidelines or projects assets you might have. 

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