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How to Enable Multiple Frontify Libraries for Optimizely (v.11)
How to Enable Multiple Frontify Libraries for Optimizely (v.11)

Learn about the little workaround for choosing assets from different Frontify Libraries in the Optimizely dialog

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The Frontify integration for Optimizely allows you to retrieve assets from your Media, Icon, and Logo Libraries and use them in the content creation process with Optimizely. Assets from the connected library will be referenced in the asset chooser dialog. To be able to fall back on different libraries, there is a little workaround.

When you connect Frontify with Optimizely via the API token, what Frontify basically does is generate a technical API user with a respective email address (see the full procedure here). All you have to do – to enable several libraries for Optimizely – is invite this email address to the other libraries you want to have in your dialog within Optimizely. You can identify the right email address by entering the backend of the respective library and looking at the URL. As shown in the image below, the project ID will be visible.

Once you have the project information, you can switch to the user management overview page by clicking on your avatar on the bottom left of the screen > ‘Usage Overview.’ There, you simply have to search for the term ‘API-access’ and look for the email address with the right project ID.

In the next step, copy the email address, and switch to the backend of the library where you want to add to the Optimizely asset dialog. Once there, invite the technical user by clicking the team icon in your Power Bar and inviting a fictive individual user, as seen in the image below.

As soon as you’ve invited the technical API user to a new library, the library will be referenced in your Optimizely environment, and you’ll be able to choose from assets across different libraries during content production.

And that’s already it. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to help.

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