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This article shows you how to set up and visually create a direct link to your different brands.

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This feature has been created for companies that, for example, have different Style Guides under one Cover Page – or several brands that you would like to link. Learn more about structuring your brand here

You can also look into setting up the Navigation links feature on the top navigation heading to the Navigation management article. 

Activate the Feature

To activate this feature, simply log in to one of your brands and locate the Navigation bar settings, and use the toggle to make the link visible. This will allow you to visualize it in your Style Guide front end.

It’s important that you include a link to be redirected to if you set this link as visible. You can use any link, but the common use cases are using the Cover Page of your different Style Guides, or linking to your dashboard, as shown in the image below. 

Include a destination link for your All Brands Portal button

There is also an option to change the label of this link, as seen in the example below: 

When you’ve given it a name, and you’ve set the Brand Portal link to visible, close the panel and refresh the page. The brand label should appear on the top right corner of the header.

Close and refresh the screen for changes to take effect

The brand portal link appears at the top right

From this point, when you click it, you will be redirected to the link you have previously chosen: 

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