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Frontify Integration for Typo3
Frontify Integration for Typo3

Learn how to install, configure and use the Frontify Integration for Typo 3.

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The Frontify integration for Typo3 helps you streamline your content creation process. Simply access all your Frontify based assets from within your Typo3 environment.


To use the integration, you need:

  • A Frontify Enterprise account

  • Typo3 version 9.5 or 10.2

  • PHP version 7.2.0 or newer

  • A composer able to autoload and install the extension


Step 1: Install & Configure

Install the Frontify extension for Typo3 by using the composer command: 

composer require frontify/typo3

Once installed, activate the extension using the following command: 

typo3 extension: activate frontify_typo3

To configure the extension, open ‘Extension Configuration’ (Admin Tools / Settings) in the Typo3 backend and click the dropdown ‘frontify_typo3’ to expand the form. 

In the appropriate fields, enter your full Frontify domain (e.g. Add the access token of the Frontify Library you want to connect with Typo3. You’ll find the access token in the Media Library integration settings in your Frontify environment. Don’t forget to save the configuration to complete the setup.

Step 2: Using the App

Now, you should have access to the Media Library you configured. To start using the assets, you’ll want to switch to the ‘Images’ tab in Typo3 and click ‘Choose from Frontify’ to reference a Frontify asset in your entry. 

Once you’ve made your selection(s), previews of the assets will appear in your entry.

You even have the ability to crop a selected image based on your layout needs and preference. 

Pretty simple, right? We hope you found this article helpful and make the most of this handy integration. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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