CELUM Integration for Frontify

Learn how to synchronize your CELUM assets with Frontify through Frontify Connect

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This integration is available through the CELUM Marketplace and is developed by Brix. Frontify Connect synchronizes assets within the specified scope from CELUM to the configured Frontify library (e.g., Media library). Therefore CELUM stays the master, and all asset changes and organization should happen there.

Frontify Connect

Setup – Step-by-Step Installation Guide

  1. Get a Frontify Enterprise Account.
    Request your Enterprise account through this page.

  2. Follow the instruction to configure your Celum instance
    You can find the details of the configuration for your Celum instance right here.

  3. Get the Frontify developer token.

    • Create a user on Frontify that has access to the relevant projects & libraries, e.g. [xxx@frontify.com]

    • Log in as this user [xxx@frontify.com] and open the Frontify URL:

    • "Personal Developer Token" -> Activate & Generate

  4. Deactivate your Media Library backend in Frontify
    Since CELUM will push assets directly into the corresponding Frontify library, it can make sense to deactivate or hide your Media Library to avoid any confusion. No manual changes should be made in the Frontify Media Library backend.

If you require further assistance or information, reach out to your CSM or the partnership team.

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