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Learn how to add external and internal links to your Guidelines

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External Links

You can add external links in your Style Guide by highlighting the word you want to be linked, to and selecting the link icon on the options provided.

The option to add the link will appear first, where you can write down or paste the URL into the space provided, You also have the option to tick the checkbox to open this link in another tab.

Select Save and then your link has been added to your text.

Mail To Links

In the same external link setting, you can add a MailTo link that opens an email client to directly contact a certain email.

In the Link Text field, type in your email address with "mailto:" before the email:

Internal Links

Using the same Link Chooser we can add internal links to your text, connecting your work to other parts of your current Guideline.

In the same way, highlight the desired word you want to be linked to. Click on the Link icon from the options, opening the Link Chooser. This time instead of typing in the URL you can directly click on Internal Link (Within this guideline).

Choose the target location within your Guidelines.

Click on Save and you're all done.

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