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Projects – Archiving of a Project
Projects – Archiving of a Project

Learn how to organize your projects throughout Frontify

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Archiving Projects will help you get a better overview of all your Projects once you manage multiple projects within Frontify.

This feature is available on all plans. It can be used by the Account Owner role only.

Why archiving Projects?

Archiving Project will help you to put your active Project into focus. You can decide on all your Projects on an individual level, whether they are active or should be accessible within an archive (without deleting them).

How to archive a Project? (Project owner only)

Archiving a project is straightforward. Just follow these steps:

– Step 1: Select a Project you want to archive

– Step 2: Click on the settings (three dots)

– Step 3: Choose: Archive Project

How to un-archive a Project?

You can turn archive projects back into an active stage (if needed). You can display all archived projects through ‘Filter projects’ and select the option to display only ‘Archived Projects’.

Once you are here you can select a single Project (within the archived view) you can turn it into an active state anytime.

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