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Manage email notifications within Projects
Manage email notifications within Projects

Learn how to customize email notification settings for your Frontify Projects.

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Staying in the know about your projects' progress, changes, and updates is more straightforward with customized email notifications.

Getting to the Settings (on Project Level)

To modify your project notification settings, enter a project and click the cogwheel in the Power Bar to your left > 'Notification Settings.' The screen pictured below will then appear.

Changing Notifications Settings for Email Updates

In this section, you can toggle your email notifications on or off, depending on the project changes. You'll find further details on what each category means listed below.

New Annotations/ New Comments:

You'll receive a notification every time someone leaves a comment on an asset within the project.

Comment Status Changes:

You'll receive a notification whenever a comment is resolved, edited, or replied to.

New Assets:

You'll receive a notification when new assets are uploaded to a Project.

Asset Update:

You'll receive a notification when an asset is revised or updated. Identify the updates made by using the revision functionality.

Asset Status Change/ Workflow Item Status Change:

You'll receive a notification when an asset's workflow status has changed.

Stock Image Purchase:

With our stock image integrations, you can look for new assets for your projects directly within Frontify. You'll be notified once your team members have enriched your projects or libraries with stock images.

Participating or @mentioned:

You'll receive a notification when you're mentioned in a comment or conversation where your input is needed.

If you are not receiving email notifications from Frontify, check your spam folder. The email is likely to end up in your spam folder due to the settings in your email client. Notifications will come from

  • If you use Gmail, you can add this email to your contacts and it will stop going to spam.

  • Alternatively, you can whitelist the @frontify domain for your organization as a whole.

That's about it. If you want your email notifications to be on-brand, you can set up a customized email notification template by following the steps listed in this article.

If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team.

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