In this article, we will install Adobe Link and connect it to your Frontify platform.

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Before getting started, make sure you can log in to your organization's Frontify. Following the steps you need to follow to install Adobe Link:

  1. Obtain your organization's Adobe Link activation code or have the responsible person in your organization (the delegate, more info here) set up a license for you.

  2. Close all Adobe applications and download the extension:

  3. Launch Indesign, After Effects, Illustrator, Premier Pro, or Photoshop (for Photoshop, see the note below). Go to Windows > Extensions > LinkrUI as shown below.

    Enter your activation code and follow the prompts. If you were manually added as a user to the LinkrUI dashboard by your delegate, you don’t need to enter an activation code.

    Note: To open Adobe Link in Photoshop you must launch the application with 'Open (Intel)' as seen below.

  4. You will now see the server URL page, as shown below. Enter your Frontify instance (For example, and click 'Authenticate'.

  5. A new browser window will appear with the 'Frontify Authenticator.' Follow the on-screen prompts to authenticate. Once authentication is complete, return to Adobe Link and click on the 'Close' button.

You have successfully installed Adobe Link. You can visit the following articles to get more information:

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