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Adobe Link installation guide
Adobe Link installation guide

Learn how to connect Adobe Link to Frontify

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In this article, we will install Adobe Link and connect it to your Frontify platform.

Please make sure you already went through this help article.

Before getting started, make sure you can log in to your organization's Frontify.

Verify that you have at least viewer access to a backend library.

  • Viewer Access: Allows you to browse and use assets within a library from Adobe Link.

  • Editor Access: Required if you need to upload assets to the library from Adobe Link.

Following the steps you need to follow to install Adobe Link:

  1. Obtain your organization's Adobe Link activation code or have the responsible person in your organization (the delegate, more info here) set up a license for you.

  2. Close all Adobe applications and download the extension:

  3. Launch Indesign, After Effects, Illustrator, Premier Pro, or Photoshop (for Photoshop, see the note below). Go to Windows > Extensions > LinkrUI as shown below.

    Enter your activation code and follow the prompts.


    1. If you were manually added as a user to the LinkrUI dashboard by your delegate, you don’t need to enter an activation code. Be aware that if you're doing the first login without activation code, you should use InDesign for this first login. Once logged in in InDesign, you can use the extension in other Adobe tools.

    2. To open Adobe Link in Photoshop you must launch the application with 'Open (Intel)' as seen below.

  4. You will now see the server URL page, as shown below. Enter your Frontify instance (For example, and click 'Authenticate'.

  5. A new browser window will appear with the 'Frontify Authenticator.' Follow the on-screen prompts to authenticate. Once authentication is complete, return to Adobe Link and click on the 'Close' button.

You have successfully installed Adobe Link. You can visit the following articles to get more information:


(Windows) Windows defender blocks installation

Error message that Windows Defender shows


Upon install, Windows Defender misidentifies the LinkrUI installer as potentially harmful and prevents it from running.


Click on "More info" and select "Run anyway"

(Windows) LinkrUI panel is empty / Photoshop gives warning and doesn't load panel


After installation, LinkrUI is visible in most compatible Adobe Tools, but appears as a completely empty panel. In Photoshop an error message "The extension could not be loaded because it was not properly signed" is displayed instead of the empty panel every time LinkrUI is attempted to be opened.

The issue is related to the Windows Registry not having been correctly updated and happens most often when the extension is installed by IT admins.


⚠️ This solution should be implemented by your IT as a mistake can cause damage

The installation files need to be accessible and the registry needs to have entries for the exact user who will be using Adobe Link. The following entries need to be input as per user file association (using HKEY_CURRENT_USER). Machine wide "for all users" (using HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE) setup does not work.

This can be done either by:

  1. installing LinkrUI using the final user profile(s) and selecting "Only for me" (this may require getting temporary admin rights)

  2. manually using the values below to edit the windows registry.

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