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How to separate your Content Blocks with the Divider Block

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The Divider block allows you to create clear sections in your Brand Guidelines. This way, you can separate information from each other, and compose easily readable content. Built using the new Brand SDK technology, now you have even more options to customize your dividers to be on-brand.

Go to your Brand Guidelines and add the Divider block between the two blocks you want to separate.

Choose a Divider type:

  • Spacer: the block will be an empty space

  • Line: the block will include a visible divider

Further Line types:

When choosing the Line possibility, you can further customize the divider to showcase

  • A solid line

  • Dots

  • Dashed lines

You can change the size of the chosen type, and its colors based on the colors defined in your Brand Guidelines.

Spacing & Sizing:

The new settings also allow you to have more flexibility to adjust the layout of your dividers based on height, width, and alignment. You can even define a custom percentage for width and pixels for height.

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