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How to create outstanding Callout information within your Guidelines

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The new Callout Block lets you draw your users' attention to specific information within your Guidelines. With this Content Block, you can add supplementary instructions on other content's usage. Built using the new Brand SDK technology, now you have even more options to customize your blocks to be on-brand.

Open to your Brand Guidelines, and in Edit mode, add the Callout Block before or after the information you want to emphasize or complement.

Choose from a Callout type:

  • Warning

  • Tip

  • Note

  • Info

All Callouts can be displayed in various ways. Regarding the block's basic appearance, you can now change it from light to strong and select predefined icons for additional visualization.

Colors & Fonts

In your setting, you can also apply colors universally for all Callout Blocks across your Guidelines to match your brand's identity. For this, click on Settings on the sidebar, Design, and then add your Accent Colors.

Apart from the colors applied to your Callout Block, with the updated Styling options, we added Rich Text editing possibilities. Now you can choose your predefined fonts, which adjust to the color or the block.


The new Layout options enable you to choose the width, alignment and padding of the block so it seamlessly fits into the other blocks around. Furthermore, you can also choose the corner radius of the block.

We hope you have found this article helpful. In case you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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