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empower® Suite integration for Frontify
empower® Suite integration for Frontify

Learn how to embed your assets from Frontify on empower® Suite

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This integration is developed and maintained by our partner empower®.

empower® is a software suite integrated into Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. empower® Suite provides a central library with all documents, templates, company-wide signature management, brand-compliant formatting, and productivity tools.

Quickly create presentations and documents by allowing users to select brand assets (images and icons) living in their Frontify environment and pulling them directly into Microsoft PowerPoint or Word.

The integration is available for Microsoft PowerPoint and Word.

How to get started with empower® Suite integration?

To use this integration, you need an existing Frontify enterprise account with a DAM module.

Getting started

  • To get started, please reach out to your CSM

  • We will get in contact with the empower® team and study the feasibility

  • We will then set up a demo with you and the empower® team, also your CSM can join

  • If the outcome is positive, the empower® team will take care of the commercial and technical implementation

Our technical team will then support empower® to implement it.

If you require further assistance or information, reach out to your CSM or the Frontify partnership team.

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