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Highspot integration for Frontify
Highspot integration for Frontify

Learn how to pull on-branded assets from Frontify on Highspot

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This integration is developed and maintained by our partner, Highspot.

Highspot is a sales enablement software that helps companies effectively share and track the use of sales and marketing content. It provides content management capability, interactive presentations, analytics, and search capabilities.

The Frontify and Highspot integration allows users to pull Frontify assets directly into Highspot, empowering content creators to craft always on-brand sales enablement materials. Thanks to the integration:

  • Users can search assets through the Frontify Finder and place them in the relevant Spot.

  • Already uploaded assets can be modified if the original Frontify source file is modified, depending on users' settings.

  • Users can select a specific expiry time frame for an asset.

  • Once uploaded, users can seamlessly access Frontify assets from Highspot with one click.

Getting started

To start using the integration, you need to follow two steps:

Note: The links above are only available to Highspot users.

If you require further assistance or information, reach out to your Highspot CSM.

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