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Optimizely (v12) integration for Frontify
Optimizely (v12) integration for Frontify

Learn how to embed your assets from Frontify into your Optimizely environment

Updated over a week ago

This help article is related to our Optimizely (v12) integration. If you're using Optimizely v11, please check this help article here.

We recommend going through the installation guide first.

This article will explain how to retrieve your Frontify on-brand assets and use them in Optmizely.

Retrieve Frontify assets with the Tiny MCE editor

Within your Optimizely environment, you can take your Frontify assets using the Tiny MCE editor.

If it’s the first time, you should log in to Frontify. Just click the Frontify icon to initiate the process.

Thanks to single sign-on, users will have the same permissions they have in Frontify, so they can access just what they can see in Frontify.

Once you log in, you can leverage the Frontify Finder to browse, search, and upload your on-brand assets within Optimizely.

Below, you can see that the selected image is correctly uploaded into Optimizely. Then, you can publish the changes to be reflected in Optimizely.

You can also upload videos and PDF files, with a difference in respect to images. Videos and PDFs are actually copied in Optimizely.

Concluding, any change on your Frontify assets will not be automatically reflected in your Optimizely instances.

Thanks for reading this help article. If you need more information, please contact customer support.

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