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Sitefinity integration for Frontify
Sitefinity integration for Frontify

Learn how to use your on-brand Frontify assets from your Sitefinity environment

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This integration is developed and maintained by our partner, Sitefinity.

Sitefinity is a web content management system (CMS) developed by Progress. It provides a platform for creating and managing websites, digital experiences, and content. Sitefinity offers content management, user management, multi-lingual support, and integrated marketing tools.

This integration allows for a more streamlined and user-friendly experience. Once integrated, instead of the usual dialog box displaying media libraries and items, the Frontify finder will be seamlessly integrated. When accessing the media selection feature, the Frontify finder will offer a comprehensive range of media resources when accessing the media selection feature.

While exploring the finder, you can still navigate to Sitefinity libraries by clicking the "Go to Sitefinity libraries" button located in the upper left corner. This provides the flexibility to choose and upload media from both Frontify and Sitefinity libraries.

To ensure a secure environment, you will be prompted to enter your Frontify credentials the first time you open the finder. This step grants you access to all Frontify resources that are available to you based on your permissions.

For instance, let's consider the process of inserting an image into a Content Block widget on a page. Upon clicking the "Insert image" button, the Frontify finder window will seamlessly open, displaying a wide array of available options. The finder handles the permissions and items that can be selected based on the user's login credentials and associated privileges.

Overall, the integration of the Frontify finder enhances the media selection process in Sitefinity's backend, providing users with a more efficient and intuitive workflow.

When an asset is selected, a new media item will be created in Sitefinity. This media item contains only a link to the Frontify asset. The asset itself is neither downloaded nor uploaded in Sitefinity. All media items created for Frontify assets will be in a special Sitefinity library. This library will not be displayed in the backend, as those assets cannot be modified – deleted, or updated.

Getting started

To start the integration, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Contact your Frontify Customer Success Manager, that will add a new Application to your Frontify instance and then set up the integration in Sitefinity. With the client ID and the Domain URL she will give to you, you can then:

  2. You can follow the steps in this installation guide

And it’s already it! Thanks for reading our guide. For further questions, you can contact your Sitefinity CSM.

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