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Microsoft Office Link (powered by LinkrUI) integration for Frontify
Microsoft Office Link (powered by LinkrUI) integration for Frontify

This article is a beginner's guide to start using Microsoft Office Link.

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What is Microsoft Office Link?

Microsoft Office Link (powered by LinkrUI) is a native add-in for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. It enables direct searching, opening, and placing of assets stored in Frontify from within Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Access Frontify's DAM directly from Word, PowerPoint, and Excel from a built-in panel, leveraging existing assets and uploading new assets.

  • Microsoft Office Link is a 2-way integration. You can use assets from Frontify as well as push new Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files to Frontify.

  • Access to all of your Frontify Icon, Media, and Document Libraries.

  • Supports digital assets only (no fonts, colors, etc.).

  • Open and update existing Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files stored in Frontify from within the corresponding Microsoft app.


Following the Microsoft Office Link dashboard, let’s examine each section.

  1. Search

    • You can search by:

      • Title

      • Description

      • Name

      • Tags

      • Metadata

    • Microsoft Office Link search results will be the same search results as from the backend of the Frontify libraries.

  2. Collections

    • You can access all of the Collections available in your Frontify libraries.

    • Note: You cannot search inside a Collection.

  3. Filter

    • You can filter by:

      • File type

      • Metadata (called Smart Filters in the extension)

  4. Change Brand

    • Change which brand you are working out of.

  5. Upload New Asset

    • Using this icon, you can upload your Microsoft file to Frontify.

    • Note: This option will always upload a new asset, not a revision to an existing asset.

  6. Folder Structure

    • You will see the same folder structure in Microsoft Office Link as you would in the backend of your Frontify libraries, including nested folders.

  7. Library Select

    • This is where you can select which library of assets you would like to view and use.

  8. Detail View

    • Displays an additional view section with the details of an asset.

  9. Grid View

    • View assets and folders in a grid with an asset preview.

  10. List View

    • View assets and folders in a list.

  11. Settings

    • Preferences and settings can be found here.

Uploading Microsoft files to Frontify

Users can upload new Microsoft files to Frontify, as well as create a revision (update) of an existing asset.

Upload new file

To upload a new file to Frontify from Microsoft Office Link:

  • Click the upload button on the bottom left of the Microsoft Office Link panel.

  • Give your file a name. The current name of the file will be displayed but can be edited.

  • [optional] Add a description for the file.

  • Choose what folder to save the file to.

    • You can only upload to folders within the library you are viewing. If you would like to upload to a folder in a different library, switch the view to the desired library using the library select drop-down.

    • If no folder is chosen, the file will be uploaded to the top level of the folder structure.

  • Click 'Upload'.

Create a revision (update) of an existing file

To create a revision of an existing file in Frontify:

  • Find the asset in Microsoft Office Link

  • Hover the mouse over the file

  • Click the ellipsis (3 dots) icon.

  • Select 'New Version'

  • Confirm the update.

Using existing Microsoft files stored in Frontify

Users have two options when working with an existing asset from Frontify:

  1. Open:

    This action allows you to fully open the asset within Microsoft. When you choose this option, the selected asset from Frontify will be opened in a new window.

  2. Place:

    This option offers more flexibility by enabling you to insert the content of the Frontify asset directly at your current cursor location within the currently open file. Selecting 'Place' will place the content of the asset where the cursor is, maintaining your current workflow without needing to navigate away from your current file.

Placing assets in Microsoft files

To place an asset into an Excel, Word, or PowerPoint, you can either

  • Drag and drop the asset

  • Use the 'Place' button


Error Opening Asset


You receive the error with code 'AccessDenied' as shown below.

Error Opening Asset

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <Error><Code>AccessDenied</Code><Message>Access Denied</Message><RequestId>...</RequestId><HostId>...</HostId></Error>


This is caused by an asset having download protection applied in Frontify. An admin will need to remove download protection on the asset or you need to request access to the asset in Frontify itself and download it from there (rather than through the integration):

  • Find the asset in the corresponding Frontify library in the browser.

  • Click on the asset.

  • Click 'Request Download' and complete the request form.

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