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Using custom PDF presets for Digital & Print Templates
Using custom PDF presets for Digital & Print Templates

Adding additional PDF presets to your export options for Digital & Print Templates lets you control additional settings for your PDFs.

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If you'd like to learn more about PDF presets, you can read up on them here.

Process for adding a custom PDF preset

Frontify offers you the same default PDF presets that InDesign also has. However, you might have additional requirements for your PDF outputs that aren't covered by these (i.e. interactive PDFs that include hyperlinks). If that is the case and you'd like to have such an additional custom PDF preset added to your Frontify environment, please follow this process:

  • Prepare a .joboptions file that includes all of the relevant settings. The video below will show you how to prepare this file.

  • Contact your Customer Success Manager to set up the custom preset. Make sure to send them the following information:

    1. The .joboptions file you have created.

    2. The name that this preset should have in your Frontify environment.

    3. The link to the Template Library where this preset should be available (if it's needed in multiple Template Libraries, please include links to all of them).

Your Customer Success Manager will get the process started and let you know once the custom preset is available.

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