This article shows you some of the options you have when setting up your templates in your Template Library. If you want to know how to set up the Template Library itself, please go to the help article on the Template Library.

Define elements as adaptable

After having uploaded a template to a template library, all layers are automatically locked, so your end-users are not able to change anything if they create a publication from that template.

You can set parameters to the template and allow your users to change either the content or the design of specific elements. This can be done by setting the design to Edit Mode (cmd-e or ctrl-e), clicking the specific area you’d like to set to edit or lock.

If there are layers in your template that you want users to be able to edit, then click on the layer and then on the lock on the side panel, e.g. turning its color to purple and activating the text to be edited once the template is published.

This can be defined for every layer you have.


Image restrictions

When you define your images to be adaptable (by unlocking the layer) your users will be able to choose from any image on Frontify they have access to, upload images and crop them if wanted.

If you don't want your users to crop an image, you can disable the cropping functionality.

If you want to give your users access to specific images only, you can "restrict image choice" and then set your chosen images.

Auto Sizing Images

The Auto Sizing option allows you to use images in different ratios than the original image. You can either auto-size your image in width or in height. For auto-sizing width there is the option to let the image from left, right or center; for auto-sizing height you can choose from top, bottom or center. "None" keeps the image ratio and only allows for cropping.


Adapt Text

To let your end-users change the content of a text field, make the text editable by clicking on the lock. The purple color indicates again that the element is unlocked now.

If you want your allow your users to just pick fro a few preset text snippets, toggle on "restrict text" and add your Text Snippets to your template.

Adapt Text Styles

Besides changing the text itself, you can allow your end-users to change the styling of the text and the text field. You do so by clicking on the corresponding lock.

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