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Getting Started with Frontify Digital and Print Templates
Getting Started with Frontify Digital and Print Templates

This article provides you with an overview of the Frontify Digital and Print Templates.

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Frontify Digital and Print Templates allow you to build on-brand marketing material for online and offline quickly. They help you streamline the interaction between the ones creating design templates and those who use the templates for publishing purposes.

Creating Templates

Provided that the Digital and Print Templates are included in your Frontify plan, you can import your actionable design templates from either Sketch or InDesign to Frontify. Check these articles to understand better how to prepare InDesign and Sketch documents before proceeding.

And check this article to understand how to prepare video templates via Storyteq.

Template Upload and Locking

Once you’ve prepared your templates accordingly, you can upload them to your Template Library, adding can-dos and restrictions to keep the assets on-brand.

Texts, fonts, colors, and images; they can all be made editable or locked in place. Just click the lock icon to define what should be changeable. Here’s the step-by-step guide on creating a Template Library and everything you need to know before you let different stakeholders create custom marketing collateral.

Make Templates Accessible to Your Users

You now have new templates in your Library, with set restrictions, and ready to be shared with your colleagues.

As mentioned in this other Help Article, there are two ways to allow your users to access and create a publication: via the Projects or the Brand Guideline.

As the one who’s going to publish, your user will be able to benefit from a wide variety of predefined, brand-consistent design templates, enabling you to plan your omnichannel marketing collateral independently.

To make the template available from the Brand Guideline, you need to choose the smart block called ‘Template’ and then select the template you want to add from your Template Libraries.

You can edit the name of your template. By clicking on the content block settings, you can set targets to allow only selected people to access it, and replace the template if needed.

Edit and Download Publications

Once users have accessed their templates through Guidelines or Projects, they can modify them to suit their needs - within the limits set by the designers. Then, they can export their publications in the formats PNG/JPEG for Sketch and PDF/PNG/JPEG for InDesign, and publish them to social media, as ad banners, billboards – or whatever they might need.

In case you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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