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What's a light integration?
What's a light integration?
Updated over a week ago

In our ecosystem of integrations, we have different kinds of offerings, depending on the tool we're integrating with.

In the integration section of our website, you can see some integration with the label “light integrations.” These are the following:

  • Miro

  • YouTube

  • Vimeo

  • Instagram

  • Google Slides

  • Google Sheets

  • Google Docs

  • Loom

  • EyeEm

What is a light integration?

A light integration offers the possibility of embedding links in your guidelines or projects. The cool thing is that if you update the original files, the change will be reflected in the embedded link.

Let’s see an example. I want to embed a Vimeo video in my Brand Guidelines:

  • Create the embed block in the section you selected.

  • Copy and paste your Vimeo url into the designated section.

  • Adapt the way your video is displayed to your guidelines with the settings.

There’s also the option to embed links into your Projects, as shown in the following gif.

How do light integrations behave if the embedded link requires authorization?

There can be some cases where you want to embed a private link in your guidelines or project, such as a private Instagram post. In that case, users can see this post on the Frontify guideline only if logged in to Instagram on the same browser.

What if you need more advanced functionality for one of the tools mentioned above?

Thanks to our development platform, you can use our GraphQL API to build a more advanced integration with every tool you want.

You can also use one of the low-code platforms we integrate with, or Zapier. has over 500, and Zapier has over 6000 pre-built connectors in their marketplaces.

Thanks for reading our help article; I hope you find it useful.

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