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Can I keep asset metadata when moving between libraries?
Can I keep asset metadata when moving between libraries?

What happens to Metadata when you move Asset from one Library to another.

Updated over a week ago

It is possible to move assets from one library to another.

When assets with custom metadata are moved, the following rules apply:

General rule: The metadata needs to be set up the same way in both source and destination libraries. This means that the property names need to be identical, and the options within the property (if it’s single or multi-select) should also be the same. If the property names and options are not the same, the metadata is reset on the assets.

Permissions: We only let users move assets with metadata between libraries if they have managed access to those metadata properties in both libraries (source and destination). Otherwise, the metadata is not carried over.

Dependencies: Dependencies in the source library do not impact the process.

BUT: if there are dependencies between custom metadata properties in the destination library, the data won't be moved over with the asset.


  • All custom metadata settings are the same in both Media Libraries, the selected assets/folders are moved without warning and all related information (including custom metadata) is transferred with them to the destination library.

  • If there is any difference in custom metadata settings between origin and destination Media Libraries, the user will be prompted with a warning message describing all the conflicts.

  • Proceeding with the move of the assets with metadata conflicts will reset all custom metadata on the assets.

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