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Storyblok installation guide

Step by Step guide to install the Frontify integration

Updated over a week ago

To streamline the communication, please inform your Frontify CSM or Support team that you’d like to install the integration.

Part 1: To follow by the Storyblok Administrator

You need to start the process by inviting a Frontify Admin User ( to your Storyblok Space:

  1. Navigate to your Storyblok Space > Settings

  2. Under Team Management > Users

  3. Add a User > Enter the email address of the Frontify Admin User (, and choose the role of Admin.

Once you've done this, reach out to your Frontify Customer Success Manager and let them know that you've performed part 1 of this installation guide. Note: Make sure to let the Customer Success Manager know the name and region of your Storyblok Space.

Part 2: To follow by the Frontify Customer Success Manager

Part 3: To follow by the Storyblok Administrator

  • After your Customer Success Manager confirms that the installation is complete, navigate to the Settings of your Storyblok Space, (Space Settings > Users) and remove the Frontify user from the Storyblok Space.

This article explains how to start using the integration.

That's already it. Thanks for taking the time to go through this installation guide. Have a nice day.

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