How to Use Adobe Fonts

Integrating Adobe Fonts into Frontify is easy.

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To use Adobe Fonts in Frontify requires you to have an account with Adobe Fonts. You can create this directly in Adobe. Using the fonts in Frontify is very easy.

  1. Start the edit mode by clicking the pencil icon in the Power Bar, on the left.

  2. In the Font Block, choose the tab "Adobe Fonts."

  3. Click "Get your access token here."

You'll now be redirected to Adobe Fonts, directly to the access token page (API-Token). It may be that you need to log in first.
In case you navigate through your account, and  don't know the way back to the access token page, you can find it through your avatar on the top right > API-Token.

Copy the token and paste it into the corresponding field in Frontify.

The available fonts will appear below "Available Web Projects." You can now add your font to Frontify.

If you have any question, feel free to contact us through Frontify's in-app chat.

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