User Access Management
There are different ways of managing access and users with Frontify.
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For more information on inviting users, please see How to Invite Team Members.

The Frontify access rights are managed at the Style Guide, project, and library levels. Currently, there are three ways of organizing access to Frontify.

  1. By invitation: an existing user invites another user to a new Style Guide, project, or library. The existing user's role (viewer, editor, owner) cannot exceed his own.
    More information about How to Invite Team Members.

  2. Via SSO: if the Single Sign On is connected using the SAML or OpenID, employees can automatically be assigned viewer rights for specific Style Guides, projects, and libraries. As soon as SSO is activated, the corresponding button appears on the login page.
    More information about Single Sign On (SSO) - Fast and convenient login for employees

  3. Via Request Access: if the corresponding feature is activated, someone can request access via the corresponding field on the login page.
    More information about Request Access

User Groups

Creating user groups helps make access rights to Style Guides and projects more accessible and more efficient. Invitations to Style Guides and projects are issued for entire user groups instead of individual users โ€“ access rights are granted per group and not per Style Guide or project. If you are interested in this feature, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

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