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User Management Overview

This article will provide you with all the information and links you need to keep oversight on your user management.

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Usage Overview Page

As an account admin, you can manage users on the user overview page. To locate the page, either click on your profile picture at the bottom of the Power Bar and then select ‘Usage Overview’ or click on the users and storage bar directly above your profile picture.

On this page, you can oversee author and storage capacities, respond to access requests, and manage users, guidelines, projects, groups, and targets. Note that all SSO users are reflected in the user list as well.

Following you find the tabs on the User Overview Page.

Users tab

In the user overview tab, you can invite new users, export user lists, search for users, grant and take away account admin rights, and assign users to projects, groups, and targets.

Guidelines tab

The guidelines tab lists all available Style Guides and provides information about ownership, the brand they relate to, and the users involved. By clicking on the cogwheel symbol at the end of each column, you can change the name of the Style Guide and modify its background image.

Projects tab

The projects tab provides details about every project created in your Frontify environment. In addition to the information mentioned above in the guidelines tab section, the project type – either Workspace or Media Library – is also visible.

Groups tab

Under the group tab, you can either create new groups or view and manage existing ones. Find basic information like name and type of groups, view the accessibility of each group, and which targets they were assigned to. Further, you can easily add or remove users from the group.

Targets tab

The target tab lets you create new targets or modify existing ones. Change the name and description of targets. Further, look at the count of public link shares and how many users and groups belong to each target.

Adding and Removing Users

Adding users to Style Guides, projects, or libraries can be done in different ways. There are three ways to gain access to the Frontify environment:

Read this article to learn more about user access management.

To remove a user from a specific project, library, or Style Guide, you have to enter the respective environment first. Then, follow the instructions of this article.

Managing Access Rights

When you add users to Frontify, you have the option to grant different user roles and permissions. This article provides you with an overview of all existing roles.

If you want to add and remove other account admins, this article helps you do so.

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