To share your work, you need to invite your Team Member to the Style Guide, Library, or a Project you are working on. Once invited, they will get an email invitation and access to the given project.

Users must be invited from within Style Guides, Projects, or Libraries. This means that a user cannot be invited to an entire Frontify environment with one single invite - they must be added to each Style Guide, Project, or Library that you want to share with them.

Here's how to invite a user to  Style Guide, Project, or Library:

  1. Login to Frontify & open your Style Guide, Project, or Library
  2. Click on the "Team" people icon in the PowerBar on the left-hand side
  3. Enter the email of your team members & choose their role: 
  • Viewer - person can only view the content 
  • Editor - person can edit the content and invite other editors/viewers
  • Owner - person can edit & delete the complete Style Guide and invite other Owners/Editors/Viewers

4. Click invite.

Temporary access:
You are also able to grant temporary access for a date range to limit access.

User Management and Invitations for Enterprise Plans:

  1. Individual user invites work the same way as described above
  2. Users can also be added from the Usage Overview page (/usage) of Frontify but it will only add them to the user list and will not grant access to any of the Style Guides, Projects, or Libraries. For access, they must be added from within the Style Guide, Project, or Library itself or be added to a User Group that has access already.
  3. Enterprise plan offers other options, too: SSO (Single Sign-On), Request Access, the above-mentioned Groups. For more information, please read User Access Management

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