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Asset Download Protection

How to set up request download on the assets in your Libraries.

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The Download Protection settings are found in the Media, Logo, Icon, and Document Library for individual assets, folders, or library levels.

This is an Enterprise feature

So you’ve created your amazing library, and the time has come to protect some or even all of your images. With our download request feature, you can do exactly that and much more.

Maybe some of the assets are not currently ready for public viewing, or you would like to know who is downloading the assets and what their intentions are. We’ve got you covered!

How To Set Up Download Requests

You can set download permission on three different levels:

New assets will automatically inherit either the global setting or the folder-level setting. Settings set on an asset level will not be overruled by global or folder-level permissions.

Library level protection

On the Power Bar of your Library, click on the Settings icon and then click 'Usage Settings'. Here you can configure your desired setup.

You can:

  • Protect all assets on request or have them unprotected,

  • Show watermarks,

  • Auto-approve all download requests,

  • Define the length of the download permission validity,

  • Define who receives the download requests.

By default, all project owners will receive notifications. You can deselect others if you do not want them to receive any requests. Editors don't have the option to receive download requests.

If you don’t plan on protecting every asset within the Library, then we would advise setting up a folder for unprotected assets. This will make management a lot easier.

Now when the Protect all Assets slider is set to On Request, and consumers would like to download a protected image, they will first have to make a request to download, which will be sent to the individuals you have chosen in the setup. The request can then either be accepted or declined. In both cases, a notification will be sent back to the person who made the request. They will be allowed to download the image as soon as permission has been granted.

When the request is granted, the consumer will be able to see all the options that have been selected for that particular asset, from formats and attachments to size presets that have been configured in the Usage Settings, and then can be controlled in the backend per individual asset with the toggle.

In the case the option of Auto approval has been set for your Library, this means that the user requests a media, fills in the form (if available), and immediately has access to the asset to download without waiting for it to be approved.

On Request (Protected)

Users can only download assets from this library, inheriting these settings upon request.


Assets inheriting these settings can be downloaded without an approval request.


Watermarks can be managed on a library level under 'Usage Settings'. Directly underneath the Download Protection slider, there is an additional toggle to regulate the application of a watermark to protected assets within the library.

If download protection is set to “On Request” and the Watermark toggle is on, then all protected assets of that library will receive a watermark in the shape of a padlock. Multi-page assets will receive a watermark on each page.

Folder level protection

The folders in your library can be individually configured when it comes to downloading protection.


This folder will inherit the download protection setting of the library.

On Request

Assets inheriting this setting will be protected behind the download request form.


Assets inheriting these settings can be downloaded without an approval request.

Asset level protection

Download protection settings on the asset level are the most important in the protection hierarchy. The decision made here will overrule that of the folder or library-level settings.


This asset will inherit the download protection setting of the folder (or library).

New assets will automatically inherit either the global setting or the folder-level setting. Settings set on an asset level will not be overruled by global or folder-level permissions.

On Request

Users can only download this asset upon request.


This asset can be downloaded without an approval request.

Asset-level download protection settings can also be edited in bulk. To do this, simply select the assets from the library overview that you wish to change the download protection settings for, and in the editing sidebar under settings, move the download protection slider to your desired setting.

Download protected assets in a Collection

When you have set your security settings to ‘On Request’ users will have to request a download for every asset in your Libraries.

If a user wants to download an entire Collection but does not have permission to download all of the assets within it, they will only be allowed to download the unprotected assets immediately.

The notice that appears upon clicking ‘download’ informs the user how many assets they currently have access to and offers the option of requesting permission to download the remaining protected assets.

While waiting for approval, the user can choose to download the available unprotected assets from the same notice.

The download request will be sent to all indicated reviewers' emails.

Requests dashboard

You’ll find all the pending requests conveniently in one single place (the ‘Request’ section you open by clicking on the user avatar on the bottom left of the window), with details on the asset itself, its location, the length of permission to download the asset, the date of request, and the reason for the download. You have the possibility to either approve or reject the asset and, if desired leave a comment in either case.

In the case of Auto approvals, the status would appear as ‘Auto approved’ in the dashboard.


Project owners will be notified about new requests, the requester will be informed either about the rejection reason or receive an email with the download link.

Review requests

As a reviewer, you can click on the Review request link in the email or directly review them in the Requests dashboard under Download requests.

Review requests in bulk

While the items are listed individually, you can always multi-select assets from the list or use the top select all assets checkbox that will enable bulk approval or rejection.

In the instance where an end-user submits multiple download requests and a batch approval is needed, then the end-user will only receive one notification email upon approval that the assets are now available for download.

In case of interest, please don't hesitate to reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager or our Support Team.

We hope you have found this article helpful!

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