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Customize Email Template (White Labeling)
Customize Email Template (White Labeling)

Set up customized and on-brand email notifications based on your brand guidelines – for all your Frontify-related emails.

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When using Frontify daily, a lot of emails will be sent out. No matter if it’s through the invitation of new people to the platform or notifications about the latest changes in your projects – your users will have a touchpoint to your brand by email.

With the email white labeling feature, you can change the appearance of your email notifications (invitation emails, for example).


The email template can only be customized at the account level.

You cannot set up specific email templates per domain (in case you have multiple domains on your account).

How to Customize Email Template on Your Account

  1. Go to your Account settings by clicking your avatar image on the bottom left

  2. Navigate to ‘Account’.

  3. Click "Customize Email Template" as shown below:

General Tab

Under the ‘General’ tab, you can customize or add a logo, and modify the design of your call-to-action button. You can change the color of the call-to-action text, as well as the button. You can also define the 'Reply-to-Address'

Text Tab

When you switch to the ‘Text’ tab, you can adjust the textual information your users receive. This, by customizing the final words of your email, and the greeting at the end. You can also change the footer of the email and, for example, provide your address with a link, or change the claim.

Customized Sender Email Address

By default, emails from Frontify are sent from the sender:

Enterprise Accounts can set the sender email to the email of choice.

This requires verifying the email domain. Contact youe

Customer Success Manager to request this.

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