How to Upload Assets to S3 Bucket

Learn how to upload your assets to the Amazon S3 bucket

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We need the assets provided in an Amazon S3 bucket. We will set up your bucket folder and provide you with the credentials. You will receive the following credentials (provided separately):

Access Key ID: 20-characters key

Secret Access Key: 40-characters secret key

To put data in an S3 folder, we’ll give you more insight into two possibilities:

  • Cyberduck (freeware tool with a simple drag and drop interface)

  • AWS Command Line (to use in terminal – for the whole flexibility)

Of course, you or your former DAM provider can upload the assets in a different way if you’d like.


  • Download Cyberduck on

  • Install

  • Add bookmark

  • Choose “Amazon S3” as storage unit

  • Add the S3 URL provided by us. Again, make sure that “Amazon S3” is selected as storage unit (it sometimes changes to WebDav). In case it changes to WebDav, just switch back to "Amazon S3"

  • Add Access Key ID

  • Add Secret Access Key

  • Close bookmark

  • Double click on bookmark

  • Drag and drop all assets or upload them with right-click > Upload

AWS Command Line Tool

Install Command Line Tool

Run the following commands:

Close Terminal

Use Command Line Tool

Open terminal

Run the following commands:

  • aws configure

  • AWS Access Key ID [None]: YOURKEY

  • AWS Secret Access Key [None]: YOURSECRETKEY

  • Default region name [None]: eu-central-1

  • Default output format [None]: json

Then, you can upload your assets from a folder to the destination with the following command:

  • aws s3 cp SOURCE_DIR s3://DEST_BUCKET/ --recursive

Example: aws s3 cp ~/Downloads/Test/ s3://frontify-transfer/Demo/ --recursive

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