We need the assets provided in an Amazon S3 bucket. We will set up your bucket folder and provide you with the credentials. You will receive the following credentials (provided separately):

URL, e.g., https://s3.amazonaws.com/frontify-transfer/<YourCompanyName>

Access Key ID: 20-characters key

Secret Access Key: 40-characters secret key

To put data in an S3 folder, we’ll give you more insight into two possibilities:

  • Cyberduck (freeware tool with a simple drag and drop interface)

  • AWS Command Line (to use in terminal – for the whole flexibility)

Of course, you or your former DAM provider can upload the assets in a different way if you’d like.


  • Download Cyberduck on https://cyberduck.io/

  • Install

  • Add bookmark

  • Choose “Amazon S3” as storage unit

  • Add the S3 URL provided by us. Again, make sure that “Amazon S3” is selected as storage unit (it sometimes changes to WebDav)

  • Add Access Key ID

  • Add Secret Access Key

  • Close bookmark

  • Double click on bookmark

  • Drag and drop all assets or upload them with right-click > Upload

AWS Command Line Tool

Install Command Line Tool

Run the following commands:

Close Terminal

Use Command Line Tool

Open terminal

Run the following commands:

  • aws configure

  • AWS Access Key ID [None]: YOURKEY

  • AWS Secret Access Key [None]: YOURSECRETKEY

  • Default region name [None]: eu-central-1

  • Default output format [None]: json

Then, you can upload your assets from a folder to the destination with the following command:

  • aws s3 cp SOURCE_DIR s3://DEST_BUCKET/ --recursive

Example: aws s3 cp ~/Downloads/Test/ s3://frontify-transfer/Demo/ --recursive

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