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Learn about what the Frontify for Desktop app is and how to use it.

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The Frontify for Desktop App is accessible for free on any plan.

About the Desktop App & Its Capabilities

Frontify for Desktop is a native application designed to give everyone direct access to brand assets. The app is an extension of the Frontify web environment, and it gives users direct access to their brand assets, living in their Libraries and Guidelines.

Global Usage: The app is a tool to be used alongside any other creative tool and for any applicable purpose, making using assets easier and faster.

Always Up to Date: In direct connection with the web application, this app will sync in real-time whenever new assets are available, ensuring your teams are always using the latest versions.

On-Brand Assets: This app will bring your teams closer to the brand. With faster access (and easier onboarding), you can rest assured your teams will always get the right on-brand material right at their fingertips.

Frontify for Desktop App – Features

  • Global Search: This technology will make finding all the assets in your libraries and Guidelines* easier, just like working with the web app, and with really fast results.

  • Drag & Drop: It's just as easy as it sounds. Choose an asset and drop it into the tool you're using without any hassle whatsoever.

  • Instant Access: Right after downloading the app, there's a one-time login, and the intuitive system requires no employee onboarding.

  • System Compatibility: The app is compatible with Windows and macOS.

System Requirements & Installation

We currently offer the app for Windows 7+ and macOS 10.10+. If you're interested in downloading the app, you can get it here: macOS and Windows.

For further information about this installation, you can review the technical overview page, or contact our Support team.

UI Tour & Accessing Assets


Allow Brand Access

Selecting the Brand

Asset Screen UI Tour

Asset Search Options

Selecting an Asset

Regardless of the asset format you've chosen/clicked on in the app, it will take you to the asset viewer, which reflects the one on the web.

What You'll Be Able to Do

When selecting an asset (documents, images, or videos), you'll have the option to download the asset, drag and drop it into another tool (images), or open it in the browser.

Assets Drag & Drop into other Tools

Images can be dragged and dropped directly from the desktop app if the tool you're using can support the file type that is being inserted.

Other Things to Take Into Account

Assets must be connected to the library front end in order to appear in the desktop app. The front end is the consumer view, where users access the Guidelines. If you aren't sure how to set this up, check out our Getting Started with Libraries help article.

Fill in the metadata and tags for better search results. The way they're set up in the library is how they'll appear in the app.

Roles are also transferred to the desktop app. Therefore, any restrictions will appear in the app as well.

We suggest you download the app (macOS, Windows) and get to know it better. If you have any doubts, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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