When working with any Library in Frontify, you need to start with the concept of backend and frontend, backend being the place where you upload assets, frontend – the place where others can view them.

Library Backend

The backend of a Library is the one you create under the Libraries tab within your Brand. This is where you can upload the assets without exposing them to other users just yet.

When in the backend of the Library, you can upload files, organize them into folders, add metadata and tags.

You can invite other collaborators through the Team Icon in the Power Bar on the left-hand side.

Note that only invited users will have access to the backend of the Media Library and only Editors and Owners will be able to contribute and upload assets.

Library description

just as important as it is to complete metadata you also benefit from filling in the description of your libraries.

To fill in the description simply click on the cogwheel on the top right-hand corner of the library in the Libraries tab.

This description, in case you have several libraries or projects, will help you find the exact one you are looking for through the search.

Folders vs Collections

In the backend, you can also create Folders. Folders are the best way to organize assets in the backend and are not displayed in the frontend.

To present related groups of assets in the frontend, you can create Collections. Collections are created in the backend and they will be visible in the “consumer view” frontend if you enable it with the "Show in Media Library" toggle.

This is how you create Folders:

This is how you create Collections:

And this is how you add the assets in the Folder to a Collection:


Attachments can be added to the Document, Icon, and the Logo Library. This way, you have a second option at hand to upload these assets in different formats. Plus, you can now provide icon and logo bundles for download.

To add them just go to the metadata of an asset and in the Relations tab, you will find the Attachments section.

Cross Library Asset Movement

When working on the backend, you are able to move assets from specific libraries to others of the same type. The libraries with this feature are currently: Icon, Logo, and Text Libraries. The feature implies that the movement of assets can only be done within the same type of libraries, eg. from icon to icon library or from logo to logo library or in the case the asset fits the library accepted formats.

Select the asset you’d wish to move. And using the bulk actions buttons, select Move where you’ll be able to move the chosen assets to the corresponding library or project.

Library Frontend

The front end of a Library is the "consumer view" where all the users who have access to the Style Guide can view and download the images. It is not possible to upload assets in the Library frontend.

The front end is a part of your Style Guide – it's one of the elements in the top navigation. You can create the frontend by choosing the "Media Library" option when adding a new Document in the top navigation.

In the frontend, you can define the search and filter settings that will help users find the assets they need. You can also define how Collections and assets are presented in the frontend, with Layout Settings.

Switching between Frontend & Backend

When working in the backend, you can reach the frontend by clicking the Style Guide icon in the Power Bar:

When working in the frontend, you can reach the backend by clicking the Projects icon in the Power Bar and switching to the Libraries tab. Note that the Library backend will only be available to you if you are specifically invited to it.

For the full overview of creating a Media Library and working with backend and frontend, check out our Frontify Academy intro video.

If you have any questions, reach out to us over the chat bubble when working in Frontify, or send a message to support@frontify.com.

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