No, but we can complete what Frontify refers to as "Custom Routes” with an Enterprise or Team Plan. This will only route to the new link and will not fundamentally change the URLs. This means that technically, both the original link and the "new" link will be active and accessible for your users.


  • Custom Routes may only be applied for:

    1. Hub (Style Guide Cover page or first document)

    2. Document ( any document in a Style Guide)
    3. Public link

  • It is not possible to have a deep link custom route. There can only be one "/" and the word (e.g. /public).

  • If you mask a route, it stays in the URL field as long as you are navigating within the same document. When you go to another document, and then you come back via the normal navigation, you will have the original link. See here for example.

  • Only for Enterprise and Team Plan

  • You can add different custom routes for the same target. If they should be routed to, you can use several custom routes like, or at the same time. However, it is not possible to have the same custom route for two different targets. So can be routed to but not also to

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