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Keep an overview and manage all your domains in a single dashboard

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The Domain Overview dashboard allows Frontify admins to manage all the actual domains on the Frontify account and set a destination for every domain.

A domain can be added for a Dashboard, Cover page, or the first Guideline document.

If you want to set up a domain(s) please reach out to your Customer Success Manager

Your Domain Overview: Getting Started

In the Account Settings, the Domain Management button will open the Domain Overview Dashboard.

The tab you find there have four columns:

  • Domain: a list of the domains of your account

  • Destination Type: whether the domains' link points to either the Cover Page, a Guideline, or the Dashboard

  • Destination: the hyperlink to your current domain destination page

  • Destination Language: the language associated with that destination page

Configure Your Domain Destination Page

There is a gear at the right-end side of the domain overview table to configure the domain destination page.

To do that, admins need to choose the destination type, either a Guideline/Cover Page or a Dashboard.

Destination - Guideline or Cover Page

The Guideline refers to the first document of a selected Guideline. The Cover Page is the "home" page that you can add at the forefront of your Guideline. Want to know how to activate it? Check it here

If you want your destination link to land on a Guideline/Cover Page, following your brand hierarchy, you also must select which of your brands and the associated Guideline or Cover Page you decide to use. Then save it.

Destination - Dashboard

In this case, the domain will point to the brands' dashboard. That page is where you see an overview of all the brands part of your account.

If you want your destination page to land in the dashboard, after clicking the cogwheel, select Dashboard under the "Destination Type." As there is only one Dashboard, the domain will point to the corresponding one. Then save it.

Set Your Domain to be Publicly Available

Setting up your domains to be publicly available is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Set the destination of your domain to the Guideline or Cover Page

  2. Turn on public sharing

  3. Turn off “require login”

After you have set your Guideline as the destination of your domain, be sure these two steps have also been taken:

First, open the Guideline where you want your domain to point to. Click on the share icon on the Power Bar and navigate to the Public Link tab.

The toggle corresponding to “Allow people to view your Guideline without a Frontify account” must be on.

Next, on the same Guideline page, click on the cogwheel on the Power Bar and enter the General tab.

On that page, you find a Custom Domain - Require Login section. Please disable it.

After successfully completing these steps, your domain will point to a Guideline that is publicly shared and doesn’t need any login to be accessed.

Set up a title for your Dashboard

Personalize your Dashboard with the title that makes more sense to you, maintaining the right consistency all over your platform, also on the Dashboard. You can write there what you want, your company name, your brand name, whatever.

In the Domain Management Dashboard, click on the cogwheel on the impacted Domain and scroll down to the Dashboard settings.

There you can type the title that will be reflected in the Frontify backend brand-level page.

In case you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

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