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Create custom URLs path to redirect users to specific Frontify pages

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Personalize your Frontify links to share on-brand newsletters, campaigns, or projects with employees, partners, or customers.

Domain Path

In the Account Settings, you can find the Domain Path with the respective dashboard in the domain management section.

The dashboard in there has four columns:

  • Domain: a list of the domains of your account

  • Route: this is how you want to personalize the link to your destination document. The route or also known as “path,” is the part of the URL that comes straight after your domain (i.e.,

  • Destination Type: what kind of document do you want to share

  • Destination Document: the hyperlink of the original document URL. Please keep in mind that this URL is still active

The Domain Path Panel

To open the Domain Path Panel, you can select the cogwheel at the right-end side of the tab or click on the “New” button to configure your route. The first option allows users to modify the preselected path.

In the second case, users can create a new custom path from scratch.

Adding URLs Path

Once opened the Path Panel, you find different blocs to fill.

In the “Path” section, you can type the new path you want to create. This URL will follow your domain already in place. In our example, typing in the Path block “brand_guidelines” will result in the following link: Note that the link updates in real-time as soon as you write.

In order to select which cover page or document, the new path should point to, follow the below steps.

Select the brand you want the link to point to in the “Brand” block from the drop-down menu.

Likewise, you can choose the “Guideline” and/or the “Document” depending on your path's granularity level. If you select one of your guidelines, leaving the document section blank, the link will point to the cover page of your chosen guidelines. If you also add the document, the link will point to that specific document within the guideline you picked.

Adding URLs Path for Public Links

It is possible to add Domain Paths for public links as well. This functionality is only available if the Guideline public share link is active and if the page requires no login.

If the above-mentioned criteria are met, then you can select to either have the new Path for an Internal Link or for a Public Link, which can be accessed by anyone.

Disclaimer: those paths are only aliases as a mask for the original URL path. So that means if you land on a document you set the URL for and start navigating around, the same URL will not appear in the address bar if you return to the same document.

Thanks to Domain Paths, users can now personalize their URLs at a very granular level, down at the Document pages, so every link shared from Frontify with internal or external (partners and customers) stakeholders will be coherent and on-brand.

In case you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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