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I can not reset my password, what can I do?
I can not reset my password, what can I do?

If the password reset doesn't work, you didn't receive the email or it's shown as expired, check out this article.

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If you are not able to reset your password, check the following steps:

  1. Check if you have entered the correct email address with no additional spaces or signs

  2. Check if you don’t use another email address to login to the account

  3. Check if the reset password email is in the spam folder or another folder

  4. Check when you got the email with the link to reset the password. The email link is only valid for 20 minutes - if you have missed that time you can simply click on “Lost your password?” again and request a new reset link.

  5. If you still don’t receive the reset your password email, please contact the Frontify Support Team and send them a screenshot of the error message you get.

Note: The password reset is only for the “External login” with email and password. If you try to log in over SSO (or marked as employee login) you need to contact your internal IT team to reset the password. You can find an example of the difference here:

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