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How can I troubleshoot the Frontify Password reset?
How can I troubleshoot the Frontify Password reset?
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This is how you can troubleshoot Frontify Password reset

  1. Ensure you request a reset password from Frontify, not your company's SSO provider. If you need an SSO password reset, please contact your IT department for support.

  2. Be sure you're selecting "lost your password" on your Frontify account's domain (and not

  3. Click on the reset password link within 20 minutes of requesting the reset. It will expire after that.

  4. Check your email spam.

  5. Confirm that you still have access to that Frontify account with the person who invited you. (you may have been deleted)

  6. Control that you receive Frontify emails. You can take a look at this help article to fix that.

If all that fails, reach out to Support in chat or at

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