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Adding metadata to Projects

This article wants to explain how to add metadata to projects and the steps required to create a brand-new Project.

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Project metadata is an enterprise feature. Just Frontify account owners and admins can set up the project’s metadata

Metadata property setup

As for assets, projects can be categorized with metadata. How can you do that? On the backend, project overview page, go to Power Bar's left side, tap the cogwheel, and click on Project Metadata.

Next, it will open up a page where you can create your project metadata.

If you click on “+ New property,” you can choose between six different kinds of metadata fields you want to add:

  • Short text

  • Long text

  • Number

  • Single-select

  • Date

  • Url

At the top of the window, you can decide if you want this metadata to be required. The required toggle, when on, means that the metadata must contain a value when the project is created. We'll talk more about the project creation flow below.

You can name your metadata field and add some information to help your colleagues fill in the required fields. For example, the help text explains the information needed in a field, and the placeholder value gives a tangible example of what’s expected. You can prefill the field with a default value, the value assigned to that field, if the user leaves it unchanged.

In the following example, we want to add the Country of the Project. The country is a single entry, so we pick the “Single-select” metadata field. The help text describes the field, and the users can use the drop-down menu to select the country or type it in the search.

You can see the preview of the newly-created field and make it compulsory by toggling the “Require” button at the top of the screen.

Project creation and required metadata

Account owners can create new projects, but admins can enable other users to do so. For user roles and permissions, check this help article.

When you create a new project, the following window opens up where you have to insert some mandatory fields and some not.

When you click the “Next” button, the metadata project information window will open if required Metadata has been setup by an Admin, as explained above. You can also associate the Project with a prebuilt Project template.

The required metadata will be a mandatory field to be filled out in the project creation steps. As we created the Single-select required field, you see the country drop-down menu before your project creation.

The project can't be created without the country value filled. If you set one metadata field as required, every project you create will need that metadata value to be filled out. Keep in mind that these Project Metadata are linked to a specific brand. Therefore, the projects within the same brand will have the same metadata properties.

We hope you find this article useful.

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