The project information brief

Kickstart your projects with the project information brief.

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With the project information brief, you can provide all the information needed on a new project, avoiding back and forth between teammates and centralizing whatever is needed to start your projects in Frontify.

Where to find the project information brief?

You can find the project brief within your Frontify projects. Once you have created a project and added your metadata, just enter the project for which you want to create the brief and tap over the left-hand side of your dashboard, where you will see the icon β€œi.” Note: only the project owners can fill out the project brief.

You will find the same icon as soon as you create a new project.

What is the Project information brief?

The project brief is a document to determine the scope of your project. You agree with the stakeholders involved on a structure, the objectives, and a short description of the project itself. You can also add images and personalize your project with different metadata you can find on the right-hand sidebar.

How to use the Project information brief?

You can add text and images in the center, just click the β€œ+” and start writing or adding your images.

On the right-hand side of the screen, you can find some information to add to fill your project brief. These fields are prefilled, but you can modify them according to your new project.

Apart from the name and the description, you can add a lot of data to make your project clearer to whoever will work on it. For example, you can add the timeline and a lot of other metadata that you can select in advance and make required (like the market, the region, colors, medium, and more). You can create your own metadata using the cogwheel at the project level. To get more information, check this help article.

The project information brief, the contributor view.

Just the project owner can modify the project brief. However, the project contributor can see the brief on a single page, so they will be able to make the project happen. Following, there is a gif that shows the contributor's view.

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