We've already discussed the basics of how to use Workflow to plan and organize your Workspace project. This article shows you some advanced tips and tricks to get the most out of Workflow.

Auto Assign Statuses for Assets in Folders
There is an option to pre-set the statuses of assets that are uploaded in a certain folder. You might want to define a folder with a status 'needs review'. This means that all the assets uploaded in this folder will automatically be assigned the status 'needs review'. The assets will then show in the respective status lane in the Workflow board. Your designer can, therefore, drop ready-to-review files in this folder without having to think about setting a status in a separate step.

Add Tasks on Cards and Assign Them
You can add tasks on cards in the Workflow board and assign them to your teammates. They will then get a notification if they are assigned to these tasks. One of the designers in your team might upload a new header that you would like to see in a darker version. You can then easily create a task and assign it to your designer.

Auto Assign an Owner to a certain Status
Not yet satisfied with all the auto-assign options above? :) You can even assign a team member to cards with a particular status. This is helpful if you have one person in your team, who is in charge of design approvals. By auto-assigning a person, a notification will go out to that person as soon as a card's status changes to 'approved'.

Ask for a Reason why a Status is Changed
Finally, you can ask people to provide a reason for changing the status of a card or asset. This is helpful if designs get rejected. By asking for a reason, your designers will immediately know why their design was rejected and can straightaway work on a revamped version. 

Auto Assign Tasks to Cards with a certain Status
If you have repetitive tasks that need to be done for a particular status, you can pre-set tasks per status. As an example, you might want to check for brand consistency or accessibility every single time before you approve a screen. Just add these tasks in the Workflow settings and every card added to this lane / status will automatically get these tasks as well. 

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