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Easily connect your Digital and Print Templates to your guidelines

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With the Template block, you can directly embed your templates to your guideline pages - making template creation a breeze for all your users.

NOTE: To access the block in your guidelines, install it first from the Marketplace

1. Adding the block

Switch to edit mode by toggling the pen icon in the Power Bar (alternatively ctrl+e/ command+e). Click the add button, and choose the Template block from the list.

Once your guideline is populated with the Template block, you can click on "+ Choose existing template" and add a template that you have already set up within the Digital and Print Templates. You can read more about setting up templates here.

Alternatively, you can add the Template when clicking on the cogwheel and browsing for a template in the right-side settings panel.

2. Settings

The Template block allows for a wide possibility of customization through the block settings so it can seamlessly fit with your brand identity and your guidelines.

Basics - Preview

The Template block offers the possibility to showcase a template preview directly in the guideline. For this, choose the "Template" option.

Alternatively, you can add custom preview images uploaded from your device or chosen from your Frontify libraries.

Finally, you can also choose not to show a preview.

You can also customize the preview layout and style in the settings.


In the layout section, change the position, ratio, or anchoring.


In the style section, you can customize the look and feel of the block and the connected information so it fits into your guidelines and with your brand identity perfectly.

Text and button

You can change the text of the button - that leads to template creation - displayed within your Template block. The button will have the same styling as the secondary button you have set in your guideline design settings. You can access this from the Sidebar > Settings > Design > Buttons

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