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How to exclude certain assets from Library pages
How to exclude certain assets from Library pages
Updated over a week ago

By default, all the images you upload to the backend Media Library will be shown in the Library pages to Viewers of your guideline (on the frontend).

You can use different options to limit the display of certain images on the Library page of your Brand Portal.

Apply Status to Assets

Add a certain status to images and then set a rule that images with a specific status are not shown. Then, when you are ready, you can change the status of the assets. Take a look at point 4 in this guide:

Apply Asset Lifecycle Dates:

Or you can set an Asset Lifecycle and exclude assets that are not yet valid or are already expired from being displayed. By setting the Asset Lifecycle, you can define when it will become available in the Library pages:

Use Media Library Targets

Another option is to use Targets for specific user groups so different groups have access to different assets. Note that Targets would make more sense for defining different levels of access for the different target audiences permanently while 2 options above are more suitable as a dynamic way to upload new assets to the backend without having them available in the Library pages at all:

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