Media Library Targets

Learn what the Media Library Targets functionality is about, and how to set it up.

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What are Media Library Targets about?

You might have already used the previously introduced Guidelines Targets functionality to granulate your Guideline and tailor parts of it to certain targets. With Media Library Targets, you can take this break down to the asset level, meaning that you can define the visibility of your assets for different departments, markets, and more.

How to set up Media Library Targets?

As with the Guideline Targets, you can set up targets, and assign them to users and user groups, on the ‘Usage Overview’ page. To reach the 'Usage Overview' page you can add '/usage' (e.g. to your domain or click on your profile picture > 'Access Management'. Then, switch to the “Targets” tab to create new targets. You can define the target name, and add a description.

Enable Targets for your Library

First, you need to activate the Targets for each Library where you would like to set up Targets. This can be done the following way:

  1. Open the Library where you want to set up Targets

  2. Click in the left Powerbar on the gear icon for the settings

  3. Click on e.g. 'Media Library Settings'

  4. Enable the Targets by toggling on 'Enable targets in this library'

Assign Targets to your Assets

Assigning targets to your assets can be done in two ways. The handiest way to set targets for your assets is by entering the backend of your libraries or projects. Once there, hover over the preferred assets to select them. Then, provided that you've enabled targets for the respective library, a target bulk action can be found in the asset settings tab of the editing sidebar. Click on it and switch from the ‘All Viewers’ tab to the ‘Targeted’ one as done in the GIF below to apply the preferred targets to your assets. 

To keep the overview in the backend of your Media Library, you can also move a group of assets to folders, and assign targets from there.

An alternative method is to set targets on assets displayed in your Brand Guide. Simply switch to the edit mode, and enter the settings section of your preferred asset by clicking on the cogwheel. On the bottom of the window that appears, you’ll find a section called ‘Visibility.’ Switch from the ‘All Viewers’ tab to the ‘Targeted’ one to assign targets to the chosen asset.

Note that the Targets feature only helps to differentiate between viewers. Editors and account owners will still have the ability to see and edit everything. Further, viewers with no targets assigned are only able to see untargeted content.

Is anything unclear? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to help.

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