With the Dos and Don'ts blocks, you can describe how your brand assets should be used more precisely – both with written, and visual explanations.

Switch to edit mode by toggling the pen icon in the power bar (alternatively ctrl+e/ command+e) and open the block chooser by clicking on the plus sign and find the dos and don'ts blocks under the category “UI & Code”.

In case you choose to do explanations in written form, you can define a title and add a description. Choose to only explain dos, only explain don'ts, or both at the same time. You can further choose between several styles to display your title.

If you want to describe dos and don'ts in visual form, simply upload the respective image first. You then have the opportunity to describe your image by adding a title and description. Again, you can either explain solely dos, don'ts, or both, as well as choosing between several styles to display your title. Create your descriptions in two to four columns.

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