Using your own domain for accessing the Frontify Brand Portal allows for a great user experience. But be aware that setting it up requires active involvement of your IT department.

Here are the two steps of setting up customer domain access:

1. Create a valid domain certificate

The tricky part of setting up your domain name is to ensure valid domain access certificates. There are basically two ways of doing this:

a) Certificate handling via Amazon (AWS Certificate Manager)
We create the certificate directly with Amazon. You simply have to confirm via DNS validation (alternatively, email validation would also be possible). That solution means no costs for you, and you don't have to worry about renewing the certificate.

b) Certificate handling by you
You can manage the certificate handling yourself. In this case, you will have to send us the necessary information for a CSR (Certificate Signing Request). We will then create the CSR and send it back to you. Once you have signed the request, you will have to send it back to us again, in order to release the valid certificate. 

We strongly advice you to go for the first option, not only because this accelerates the setup process, but also because you won't have to remember certificate renewals. The choice is up to you.

2. Add a custom CNAME record

The next step is to add a CNAME to your DNS servers to ensure the access of the new domain, e.g. to We will inform you about the details of this record.

Important: DNS changes can sometimes take up to 24 hours to take effect.

Custom sub-domain

If you would like to change your existing sub-domain to for example “yourbrand”, then we recommend you have a look at the article How to setup your custom sub-domain in case this is an option for you.


  • The custom domains option is only available for Team and Enterprise price plans 
  • For Enterprise customers please contact your customer success manager for a sub-domain setup. 
  • Customer IT support services may be charged additionally

And that's it. Now it's time to spread the new URL to everyone working with your brand!

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