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Custom Domain: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Custom Domain: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A selection of frequently asked questions about the custom domain setup.

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Building powerful brand experiences also include a branded domain name. This FAQ builds on the basic information you find here: Set up custom domain access

What types of domains are possible?

A custom domain like
A custom root domain like
A Frontify sub-domain like

Can we set up the domain by ourselves?

No, it needs the involvement of your IT team, and the Frontify Support team.

Which IP ranges can we use to isolate our environment from external access?

We don’t offer such functionality. Frontify's purpose is to be usable from anywhere.

Can we have the domain pointed to a fixed IP address?

Our IP addresses rotate at irregular intervals. The CNAME record is mandatory, and we can't provide fixed IP addresses due to security considerations.

Why is the CNAME destination address not readable?

For security reasons, we use cryptic names that do not display customer-related information.

Why is the CNAME destination address not accessible?

The CNAME is an alias within our hosted zone, which we use for our load balancers. We do not make this kind of domain available because it is not necessary.

Will the old domain work when the new custom domain is set up?

No, it won’t. We replace the old domain with the new one.

Does my plan allow for a custom domain?

A custom domain is available for Team and Enterprise plans (Frontify plans)
You can check what plan you’re on in the Subscription and Billing settings of your account.

If you have a question that we haven’t covered here, don't be shy. Reach out and we’re happy to help.

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