This feature is currently only available in the Media Library

To ensure your users respect the copyright provisions of your assets, you can assign copyright statuses and further explain them with copyright notices. 

Setting up your copyright provisions can be done in the backend of your Media Library. Once there, you can oversee copyright actions by clicking on the ‘Settings’ cogwheel on the Power Bar to your left > ‘Media Library Settings.’

You have the option to modify your default settings here if you wish. Set a default copyright status for all of your assets and choose between the categories ‘Unknown,’ ‘Copyrighted,’ or ‘Public Domain,’ add a default copyright notice; decide whether or not you want to require a user accept the copyright notice before being able to download certain assets.

In case you want to set copyright terms for single assets, choose the preferred asset to enter the asset viewer. Then, click on the information icon and switch to the ‘Metadata’ tab. There, you’re again able to assign a copyright status and leave a notice.

In the consumer view of your Media Library, all of the defined copyright statuses and notices will appear, once you’ve entered the asset viewer and switch to the metadata tab. Note that copyright provisions can’t be modified in the frontend of the Media Library. Provided that the pre-download copyright notice popup is activated, the notice will appear at this point, as well as the assigned licenses once the asset download is requested. In the event you opt to download an entire collection, all copyright notices of the included assets will be displayed in this popup.

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