Multipage PDF Commenting

Learn how to use the multipage PDF Commenting feature.

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The multipage PDF Commenting feature allows you to upload PDF documents consisting of several pages to your Workspace environment, and collaboratively work on them from within one summarized asset view. In this article, you’ll learn about using the single functionalities.

1) Uploading a Multipage PDF Document

To upload a multipage PDF document, switch to the ‘Projects’ tab, enter a project and click on the ‘New’ button on the top right > ‘File Upload.’ 

2) Navigate Through Single Pages

Once you enter the asset view of a multipage PDF document, you’ll find a page navigator on the left-hand side. To navigate between pages, you can either use the arrows on your keyboard or the page switcher on the bottom left.

3) Leave Feedback in Your Documents

As with every asset in your Workspace, you can to leave and receive feedback with your team members. In case of a multipage document, it’s possible to add comments to either single pages or the whole document. If you want to leave feedback on a specific page, use the ‘Point-Out’ or ‘Mark Area’ functionality to do so. Comments left on single pages will be indicated with a blue circle in the page navigator to your left. You can also make document-wide comments with the ‘General’ function.

On the right, you’ll find an overview of all comments in the multipage document, divided into a general and page-specific section. By clicking on a comment, you’ll jump directly to the respective page.

That’s all folks. Don’t hesitate to contact us in case of any ambiguities.

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