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Salesforce Marketing Cloud installation guide
Salesforce Marketing Cloud installation guide

Learn how to connect Salesforce Marketing Cloud with Frontify

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Install the Frontify Package to Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Frontify Finder (Asset Picker) installation process is described below. For more details about Package creation and installation, please refer to the Marketing Cloud Documentation.

To install the Frontify Asset Picker:

  • Log in to Marketing Cloud as an Administrator / User with Installed Package -> Administer permission.

  • Go to Marketing Cloud Setup, click on the user icon on the top-right corner of the page, and choose Setup, as shown below.

  • In the Setup, go to Platform Tools -> Apps -> Installed Packages (type in Installed Packages in the Quick Find text box, as shown below).

  • On the Installed Packages Setup page, create a new Package by clicking the New button in the top-right corner. Pop-in with Package Creation Wizard will appear.

  • In the pop-up, fill in the New Package Details, as shown below. The Package Name is required. The details can be customized as desired. After clicking the Save button, you will be redirected to the Package page.

  • In the Details tab, click the Add Component button, as shown below. A pop-up with Add Component Wizard will appear.

  • In the pop-in, choose the Custom Content Block Component Type and click Next.

  • In the next view, fill in the Content Block properties with the following considerations in mind:

  • After clicking the Save button, from the Package page, go to the Access tab and set up Users' access to the Package.

If you require further assistance or information, reach out to your CSM or the support team.

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